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Resource Sharing: Nine Common Mistakes of Communcations

Found a fantastic slideshow on, of all places, the Harvard Business Review website: This slideshow lists nine common communication we typically make when in conflict, and offers alternative strategies to insert in place of these mistakes.  Very helpful at this time of year … more

Resource sharing: Conversational Riffs

One of my favorite resources to recommend to clients is a fabulous little book called Conversational Riffs, written by a colleague of mine from the UK, Neil Denny.  Neil is a collaborative lawyer (or, solicitor, as he is known in the UK), and has done quite a bit of field study on conflict and communication through his legal practice.  The size of a more

Our Family Wizard

Frequently I work with divorcing couples or couples post-divorce who are wrestling with the struggles of maintaining two homes for their children.  Keeping up with a school-age child’s sports, activity and social schedule is challenging enough when both parents reside under the same roof and can communicate reasonably well; add to this separate homes, separate rules, and potentially intra-parental conflict, and things get more