The Whole Family Law and Mediation resolution process usually begins with a brief phone consultation with our office.  You can set up your initial phone call directly by contacting us through our client intake portal, or by calling our office at 781-780-2500.  If you have any questions, please call our office or email Jaime Schilling, our office manager, at

The purpose of this initial call is to help you evaluate process options (including mediation, Collaborative Law, settlement resolution/limited representation) and whether our firm is right for your circumstances.  We do not provide any legal advice and generally do not gather much background information during this initial call.

Note: before beginning a mediation process we generally want to speak with all parties involved to ensure that all parties understand the mediation process, understand the mediator’s role, have the opportunity to ask questions, and have confidence in the mediator’s role as an impartial facilitator.

Once you (and, in the case of mediation, all other parties) are confident that we are the right office for you and your needs, you should contact our office and set up the initial meeting.  Jaime will then send out an electronic engagement agreement and intake questionnaires along with a “getting started” packet to all parties.


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