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Intrinsic or Extrinsic motivation (to comply with an order?)

I look forward to Seth Godin’s microblogs each morning, on business development, marketing and practice.  (see  This morning his post was about “extrinsic motivation,” and how extrinsic motivation was a hallmark of the industrial age of human development.   As we have moved far beyond that age, into the complex and creative interwebs-driven world in which we now live, we rely far less more

we can work it out…

Today, as I was in court, I was struck by a custody case that was on before my client’s.   Among the issues to be decided was whether the mother’s visitation that weekend should be preempted by the father’s family reunion on Cape Cod.  The mother had an equally (to her) important obligation – a gathering of her family members in Maine to more

this summer day

Today, after helping a wonderful client resolve a modification case amicably with her daughter’s father, I went to get a treat for myself – large soy  1/2 decaf latte.  I always feel a bit silly ordering half-caf soy anythings, but I know others order things much more unusual and complicated than I. In any case, the point of this post is not my more

What is “marital mediation”?

Divorce mediation is now gaining popularity as an effective alternative to divorce litigation, but most have never heard of “marital mediation” or “mediation to stay married.”   A relatively new application of the mediation, marital mediation is the use of mediation to help couples work through marital difficulties and preserve their relationship, rather than sever it.  Entirely different from marital counseling or marriage therapy, more

Gabriel Cohn at Omega Institute, June 24-26

dollar loan Gabriel Cohn, the author of the wonderfully insightful book, Storms Can’t Hurt the Sky: A Buddhist Path Through Divorce, will be offering a course at Omega Institute in New York on June 24-26, 2011.  For more information, see the Omega Institute website here. more

Family Court is no place for families more

Beginner’s Mind

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” – Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind. more

Presentation: Lawyering as a Peacemaking Profession

On May 4, 2011, I spoke to the Women Attorneys Network of the South Shore on Lawyers as Peacemakers & Problem Solvers, and led a wonderful discussion on the paradigm shift from adversarial law practice to problem-solving practice. This is something in which I deeply believe: as attorneys, we generally have the power to either facilitate greater discord or facilitate peace for the more
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