It’s true … we are moving!!! (but not far away)

I am thrilled to announce that, as of September 2nd, 2014, I will be seeing clients in my brand new, beautiful office at 769 Plain Street, Unit M, Marshfield, MA (about a mile from the current office).   The office is located in the Plain Street Office Condominium complex, off of Enterprise Drive in Marshfield, across from Starbucks on Rt. 139.  To get more

5 Reasons to Use Mediation or Collaborative Law to Resolve Your Divorce…

[From my Feburary – March Issue article in the South Shore Women’s Journal] Getting divorced can be difficult.  Families often wrestle with new financial realities, logistical frustrations, and the emotional challenges of the separation process.  Too often, though, the divorce process itself creates more adversity and exacerbates heartache and stress.  Many people do not realize that they have alternatives to the court-involved or more

Using mediation to stay married?

Mediation to resolve divorce has become increasingly commonplace in recent years.  More and more people are recognizing that a war model of resolving family conflict during divorce creates more animosity, drives up costs, and makes the likelihood of successful post-divorce relationships exponentially difficult.  What few realize, however, is that the very tools and process approach that can work to help people negotiate the more

Why use mediation or collaborative practice to resolve family law conflict (such as divorce)? Read more

Divorce and resolving family law conflict can be difficult enough, without the process itself adding additional conflict.  In this article in the South Shore Women’s Journal, I explain why using mediation or Collaborative Process to resolve family conflict or to obtain a divorce can help reduce stress and help the people involved control the outcome and the costs. Article is HERE. same day more

Tips for Transforming Conflict

Here is a beautiful list of tips for transforming conflict from the peacemaking organization, Search for Common Ground. original link for this list can be found here:   Tips for Transforming Conflict Most of us are aware that there is a more constructive way to deal with conflict. Typically called a win-win, collaborative or cooperative approach, it can be applied to all kinds more

Upcoming presentation: Kitchen Table Negotiation

I am excited to announce that on October 9, 2012, I will be giving a lunchtime seminar for the South Shore Women’s Business Network, titled “Kitchen Table Negotiation:  Conflict Resolution for Every Day Living.”   The interactive seminar will help participants understand conflict, five steps they can take to resolve or transform the conflict, and learn how they can use conflict as an more

Don’t forget about my facebook page!

I tend to be an every-once-in-a-while blog poster, but I regularly update my Whole Family Law and Mediation facebook page with relevant links and inspiring posts.   Please visit my page and “like” it if you find it to be helpful and informative. payday loans direct lender online Thanks for reading! more

rights vs. interests & needs

When I meet with a client for the first time, I am often – almost always – asked, “well, what are my rights?” As a collaborative attorney and mediator, I wrestle with that question. On one hand, it is my duty as counselor to help my client have all relevant information necessary for them to make a decision about any agreement.  Even as more

Someone has to pour the wine…

I just posted on my facebook page, for perhaps the third time, a post from the beautiful blog, Momastery – one of my favorite short posts ever written (I think), titled “Carpe Diem.” You can find it here. I see this kind of tight winding, complicated un-loving in my divorce practice all the time. Years of stress and hurt and fatigue build up more

4 options for divorce

If you’ve found this page – thank you!  I apologize that I have not been keeping up with my blogging or website updating.  It is a goal in 2012. Payday Loan Lenders Only No Brokers In the meantime, I invite you to look at the website of a colleague of mine in Virginia (who does update her site!) more
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