Collaborative Law or Mediation??? How to Choose?

When clients contact me they are almost always seeking a non-adversarial, efficient, respectful way to resolve their family conflict.   They have seen the toll that litigation and, in their eyes, “lawyers,” have taken on their friends and the families of their friends, and they don’t want their own conflict resolution process to go down that road.

Given this, most people assume that mediation is the right approach for them.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that there is a spectrum of options in between litigation and mediation that may still help them stay out of court.  One of these options is Collaborative Law .

I have written about Collaborative Law practice in other blog posts, and a description of the practice can be found here:  Essentially, Collaborative Law is a structured, supportive, team-based process that helps families reduce conflict and reach a fair settlement out of court.   The attorneys involved are committed to resolving the matter without adversarial tactics and threats of court, and instead use interests-based negotiation strategies and empathy to help clients come to the best outcome for all involved.

It can sometimes be confusing for people to discern what process might be the best fit for their unique circumstances.   I recently found this article that I think may be helpful for people to use as they consider their options.


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