5 Reasons to Use Mediation or Collaborative Law to Resolve Your Divorce…

[From my Feburary – March Issue article in the South Shore Women’s Journal]

Getting divorced can be difficult.  Families often wrestle with new financial realities, logistical frustrations, and the emotional challenges of the separation process.  Too often, though, the divorce process itself creates more adversity and exacerbates heartache and stress.  Many people do not realize that they have alternatives to the court-involved or lawyer-centered process – alternatives such as mediation and Collaborative Law.  Divorce Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral person helps people come to agreement about issues related to the divorce process.  In Collaborative Law, each person is represented by a Collaboratively-trained attorney who commits, along with the parties involved, to keep the process out of court by helping the parties focus on interests and shared goals, rather than winning.  Both of these approaches help families going through a divorce conserve both emotional and financial resources while simultaneously creating mutually beneficial, lasting agreements.

If you are contemplating divorce, why might you choose to use mediation or Collaborative Law to divorce, rather than working through a traditional, court-involved process?  Here are five important reasons:  …  READ MORE 


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