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Our Family Wizard

Frequently I work with divorcing couples or couples post-divorce who are wrestling with the struggles of maintaining two homes for their children.  Keeping up with a school-age child’s sports, activity and social schedule is challenging enough when both parents reside under the same roof and can communicate reasonably well; add to this separate homes, separate rules, and potentially intra-parental conflict, and things get more

Intrinsic or Extrinsic motivation (to comply with an order?)

I look forward to Seth Godin’s microblogs each morning, on business development, marketing and practice.  (see  This morning his post was about “extrinsic motivation,” and how extrinsic motivation was a hallmark of the industrial age of human development.   As we have moved far beyond that age, into the complex and creative interwebs-driven world in which we now live, we rely far less more

we can work it out…

Today, as I was in court, I was struck by a custody case that was on before my client’s.   Among the issues to be decided was whether the mother’s visitation that weekend should be preempted by the father’s family reunion on Cape Cod.  The mother had an equally (to her) important obligation – a gathering of her family members in Maine to more
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